Women’s Morning
Renewal Program

Answer This

  • Have you been secretly dreaming about having a steady morning routine to start your day purposefully?
  • Have you been wanting to create a shift within yourself and/or your life by including some soulful “me time” in your schedule?
  • Have you found yourself giving up part way through a commitment you made for yourself and wished you had the extra motivation to stick to it?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions…please keep reading.
Observed Themes While Working with Women
Is This You?
  • Many women struggle with wanting to excel in both work and home
  • Many women are strong however close to burning out and not sure what to do and how to manage the “overwhelm”
  • Many women would like to have an effective “me time” morning routine, but struggle committing to it on a regular basis
  • Many women would really appreciate a non-judgmental community of open/like-minded/hearted women where they can be their authentic self 

I’m offering you some ‘me time’ to focus on your mind, body & soul, give you the chance to just ‘be’ and also create a safe and uplifting community with like-minded women.

You want in?

My Offer to You

Join me in the Women’s Morning Renewal Program


 Program durations:  

Jan 10 – Feb 4, 2022   

Feb 14 – Mar 11, 2022  

Mar 21 – Apr 15, 2022

Apr 25 – May 20, 2022

May 30 – Jun 24, 2022  

When: Monday to Friday
Time:  6:00-7:00 am or 7:30-8:30 am

What We Do in Our Morning Routine
  • Gently energize your body to rise to the day
  • Wake up your inner resources and strengths
  • Meditate to connect within and for self-discovery
  • Ground for emotional regulation and mindfulness 
  • Journal to freshen and expand your mind
  • Ground your heart with wisdom and teachings

Morning Renewal Program Perks

  • Attend a 90-minute virtual KICK-OFF session to plan and to clarify your personal goal(s) for your Women’s Morning Renewal Program
  • Belong to a private Facebook group where we will grow our community, for support, fun and celebration
  • Establish a strong morning routine with other women and be infused with motivation, accountability, and positive energy
  • Feel empowered by your conscious choice of creating your day
  • Feel more grounded, focused, and energized
  • Discover techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learn and share in a non-judgmental environment
  • Start every morning with friendly faces
  • Take valuable action steps to shift the negative effects of the pandemic and your life stressors
  • And so much more…
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Your Investment is Only
$197 (+HST)

Investment = Commitment (For You & Me)

I’m committed to bringing the best version of me to guide you to be the best version of you. This program will help you create a more powerful shift within and into your life.


If you are looking for a program to boost your awareness and energy especially during these stressful times; looking for a group of like-minded women; be part of a tribe; gain support, community and acceptance without judgement… and more… This may be the program to check out and join.

Orleans, ON

I wanted to take a moment today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me to join your Spring Renewal Program. I have been dealing with grief, some physical and emotional health issues, and a negative workplace. I was not in a good place to say the least. Your invitation for some ‘me time’ could not have come to me at a better time.
I loved the initial exercise we did in the beginning to assess where we are in all areas of our life. If I was to redo this exercise today (4 weeks later) there are definitely some significant positive changes.
The daily time with you and the wonderful women in the group has enabled me to shift my focus, manage my thoughts, understand my feelings and accept them instead of resisting. I now feel equipped with tools (meditation, grounding exercises, and journal) to move on. More importantly, the pain is gone, I am sleeping better and I am smiling more! I feel safe and empowered! Thank you Julie and I will continue to journal. Muah! xo

Julie S.

So many great things to say about this program! The main reason why I decided to participate in this program is that I want to have a morning routine again and have more structure to my day. With the pandemic (ie. working from home) and because I’ve been working for myself, my morning routine gradually just disappeared. So having this community of amazing women is quite appreciated since it has helped me with being accountable and showing up every morning. The sharing, the respect, and the positive energy in the group is an added bonus! Narrowing down on my morning routine has also helped me in achieving other goals and having more energy throughout my day. The journaling portion has been very beneficial. Julie has a way of asking the right questions to make you think and dig within. It has allowed me to find important answers to hard questions I had been pondering on for a while. Julie’s authenticity, beautiful energy, and her wanting to help others is honest and heartfelt. Come join us, a fabulous group of women who support each other and have loads of fun!

Marie Laplante
Gloucester, ON

I had reached out to Julie looking for help for my son and she set me up. She also mentioned this group and I immediately said yes. Then I wondered if I really could do 6am every day; if I would regret it, give up or start dreading it… wow – the Spring Renewal Program has improved my days, my mood, my productivity but especially my resilience! The guided morning routine and the wisdom Julie shares are exactly what I need to start my day! My husband has noticed a difference in me too. I feel so much more at peace with who I am. The wonderful and supportive community Julie has cultivated is amazing – like having sisters! Thank you so much!

Kelly Moore
Portland, ON

The invitation to join the Spring Renewal Program for Women came from a friend at a time when I really needed it in my rehabilitation following a burnout. Only two weeks into the program, I recognize the many benefits of being part of this initiative and highly recommend it to all women, even if it is simply to offer yourself the precious gift of an hour to yourself every morning. In my case it’s been a lot more than that! I’ve needed a schedule, commitment, a community of diverse women, a mentor and introspection. Our leader Julie Richer has been instrumental with her energy, passion and willingness to help us meet our individual goals. What I have enjoyed is that there is no pressure, no comparison, no judgment, and progress is made at our own pace. I highly recommend this program for all women. I think that many of us as women take care of ourselves last… this is THE PLACE to start putting yourself first so you can better take care of YOU and consequently, of those you love.

Lynn McCarragher

The Spring Renewal program with Julie has given me the energy and motivation to get up and have a more balanced and structured daily routine. There is a lot of support and encouragement in our amazing group of women!

Brittany G.

This program has helped me realize who’s the most important person in my life… that’s ME!
I have been able to get in touch with what matters most and feeling the confidence to take action because it feels right. I highly recommend this program to anyone who just wants things to get better!

Joanne B.
Ottawa, ON

Before I started this program, I was lost, had been for the past 18 months or so. I had no goals, no interests and no balance in my life. During these troubling times, I however had made a new friend – a little hamster had lodge itself in my mind. It had lots to feed on, thus had lots of energy to burn, so it would spin and spin that wheel every which way but loose, not allowing me to concentrate on the reality of the present. But this program, through meditation and grounding, has taught me to refocus, to bring me back to the present moment, and to align my thoughts more easily and to not give “food for thought” to the hamster – some days, I don’t even feel it up there at all – what a deliverance! With the guidance, the love and the energy exchanged between all these beautiful ladies, I’m learning to love myself again and to listen to my “Higher Self” – no more fighting with her! I thank you ladies, and I thank you, Julie, my dear cousin, for this beautiful new light in my life.


My motivation was really down before I started this program, so much that I had doubled up on my medication for depression. Then I got Julie’s invitation to attend this program and thought that this would be good for me. Well, I am really glad I joined! My motivation has gone up a lot. I’ve been doing 10,000 steps for the last 19 days. I’m in the group every morning and doing the routine on the weekends. It’s an awesome group of ladies, the support is really nice and there is no judgment. I’m more conscious of what I’m eating, and my weight has started to go down. This program is really pushing me to get my steps in and better myself. My goal is to bring down my depression medication further. 
I will continue with this routine even after the program is done but I hope there is another one. Thanks Julie, for being an inspiration and bringing all of us together to share our stories, and for continuing to offer your other services; they have helped me a lot in the past. 

Manon Labrosse
Rockland, ON

Le programme offert par Julie est pour moi comme « une cerise sur le sundae »!
Il m’a offert un sens de connexion – à moi-même et à d’autres femmes – à un moment crucial dans ma vie. Je suis tombée sous deux burnouts, et je peine à me relever. Les exercices doux pour réveiller le corps, la méditation, l’écriture m’amènent à me centrer sur ce qui compte vraiment. L’énergie de Julie, ses capsules à méditer, son approche bienveillante créent une dynamique d’ouverture, de compassion et d’entraide tout simplement incroyable. Ceci permet un partage d’expériences avec des femmes merveilleuses ce qui me permet de faire de belles découvertes et réalisations, et de pousser mes autoréflexions plus loin.
Depuis que je suis dans le programme de Julie, je commence ma journée de façon positive et avec auto-compassion. Le programme n’implique aucun effort physique intense, et pourtant : je sens l’énergie qui revient, mes pensées sont plus claires, et je trouve et donne un sens à ce que je vis, ici et maintenant, ce qui me permet d’orienter mes actions pour la journée. Je ressors de chaque session énergisée, centrée, confiante, et épaulée.

Gatineau, QC

I was thrilled to hear about Julie’s Spring Renewal Program. I have been part of Julie’s programs in the past and I have learned so much. This one appealed to me even more since it was in the morning. I already had a morning program where I focused on taking care of my body so I was really looking forward to being part of a program where other women were getting up early to “take on the day”.

This program goes much much further than taking care of my body. It helps me take care of my inner being. It has helped gain confidence and helped me recognize my worth. I have accomplished so much more for myself in the last 22 days than I have in the last year. I have taken action in areas of my life where I was scared of taking action before. As a result of these actions, I have seen so many positive impacts on my life. I had never truly invested time to think about what is important to me and to actually take action on it.

On top of all of this, you become part of a community of inspiring women cheering each other on and helping each other. You no longer feel alone.

I strongly recommend Julie’s program. Quit hesitating! Join us!

Ottawa, ON

I was thrilled when Julie let me know about the Spring Renewal Program and I did not hesitate to register. I have had the pleasure of attending training, workshops, a retreat, and participating in coaching, all offered by Julie in the past. All these experiences supported my health and wellness in deep and meaningful ways. As mornings have always been a challenge, I was looking for a way to combine body and mind work, to feel a deeper connection with myself, and to manage the feeling of overwhelm I often get as I start the day. Well, mission accomplished!!! After each session of the Spring Renewal Program, I feel connected, energized, and recharged. I can focus so much better and I am able to stay in (or return to) the present moment throughout the day. In addition, I start my day with an open and grateful heart. I just love the Mind, Body and Spirit connection that is fostered through the flow of grounding, meditation and journaling. Julie is compassionate, thoughtful, and an excellent communicator. She is generous with her guidance, support, and wisdom.

The benefits of the program were immediate and will be long lasting. What a blessing it is to choose yourself in the morning and to take the time for connection, reflection, and healing.

With this program, Julie has also created a wonderful and supportive group of women. She continues to provide support and information through the wonderful Facebook private group which allows the community of participants, her LADIES, to connect, to share and to be inspired.

Thank you Julie for creating the Spring Renewal Program and for your shining light and beautiful presence.